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Yoga  & Pilates classes available weekly.

From the more gentle and restorative style, to the more challenging Flow classes, each Yoga class includes breathing exercises at the start (sitting or lying down), posture work, and a relaxation at the end (lying down)

Yoga and Pilates are for everyone. A practice can be as challenging or as relaxing as you need it to be. I suggest modifications for each postures to make it accessible to all, from the basic version of the posture for beginners, to challenging variations for more advanced students.

Yoga Tuesdays – Knock Riada Community Centre.
18.30 to 19.30: Hatha & Flow Yoga.
19.45 to 21.00: Gentle Yoga and candle lit relaxation.
Pilates Thursdays
18.30 to 19.30: Pilates.
19.45 to 20.45: Yogalates.

More classes available. Please see Facebook or call for details.

Other offerings:

One to one classes: Class tailored to the individual needs of the person.

Yoga for Wellbeing and Mindfulness: Full course 8 to 10 weeks with weekly 1h classes. Each class will have breathing techniques, physical postures and a relaxation. The aim of this course is to use Yoga to take control of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing in order to grow! Open to all levels

Corporate Yoga or Pilates or Meditation: Ongoing weekly classes, 45 min to 1h yoga classes at lunchtime. Also available as a 6 to 10 weeks course, a workshop, team building event or company wellness day.  The aim of bringing mindfulness into the work place is to provide employees with the tools to lower stress, relieve tensions (physical and mental), and improve clarity.

Body conditioning for Horse Riders:  Full course 6 to 10 weeks with weekly 1h classes. Also available as a workshop. The aim of this course is to give riders a better understanding of how their breath and posture affect their riding position. It will also give the rider tools to improve their body conditioning and strength.

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